Vibery Jam

How and Why Vibery Jam Started 

Vibery Jam happened haphazardly in the living room of my home. That was its start, and then it slowly evolved, in a nice organic manner, into what is now. It all began in the summer of 2017, I had two other housemates living with me at the time: Jordi Shevlin from Ireland, and Omar Paranoia from Italy. We didn’t quite realise that we were all musicians living under the same roof (laughs) and one day, as is the usual way with musicians, we found ourselves jamming in the living room Jordi with his guitar, Omar with his hang instrument and all of us with vocals. We then began to invite other musical friends over then they invited their musical friends over, and so on.



But all good things come to an end, and with people moving, graduating and/or starting university or new jobs etc, the cool collective of amazing artists slowly and naturally started to dissipate. I couldn’t find anything else like it, no other space in the whole of Liverpool that, not only encouraged collaboration, but also brought artists (all from different backgrounds and genres I may add). Be it rock, hip-hop, blues, rap, poetry, monologues etc. – all in one room to chill, vibe, jam and create; those type of spaces are needed. It encourages creativity as well as just giving a safe space and place for people to go to just BE and to meet like-minded individuals.


"It encourages creativity as well as just giving a safe space and place for people to go to just BE and to meet like-minded individuals"



It's communal, it's cohesive, it's creative.


And so I thought, if the space isn’t there and was there, and has the real potential of being something more, it’s time to bring it back; so I did. I found a cool space with a nice retro type feel and atmosphere, created a page, created a schedule for the dates the jam could occur and launched it at VideOdyssey.

Vibery Jam was started by Blue Saint, a multi-disciplinary creative artist and performer based in Liverpool. 

How People Can Get Involved

Contact Blue via his social media here:

Facebook: @BlueSaintArtist

Instagram: @BlueSaintArtist

Twitter: @Blue_Saint

Or follow the link here to go to their Facebook Page