Sumuyya Khader

Visual artist based in Liverpool predominantly working in print and collage to

explore identity, displacement and belonging.

Get me Bodied

Medium: Risograph and digital print


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Sumuyya has set up a business, Granby Press - a community based

arts organisation with a focus on print material and design. The ambition of

Granby Press is to develop a community publishing/resource space for those who

live locally allowing for affordable and diverse ways of empowerment through

language and imagery.

She is also researching the black cultural history of Liverpool with a longer term

ambition of opening up a Black Cultural Archive a space in the city that celebrates

the achievements of the past while also supporting, educating and promoting

ideas of the future. A library of knowledge and safe space that is accessible to

those within the community. She currently runs a great organisation called Blk Liverpool,

described as 'For Us By Us! Past|Present|Future Black lives in Liverpool', a social and 

promotional space for Black people in Liverpool.

Currently working as operations manager for Granby Workshop, an architectural

ceramics studio based in Granby, Liverpool.

Sumuyya's Website:

Social Media: @sumuyya

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Some of Sumuyya's work ready to be sent out, taken from her Instagram