Sufea Mohamad-Noor

Sufea Mohamad Noor is an artist, curator and fundraiser based in Liverpool. Her primary interests are useful art and postcolonial discourse. Below is a commission for Arrival City magazine, supported by FACT Liverpool.

Kampung Liverpool


Kau PR ke

Passport kau merah lagi ke 

Don’t count your years It doesn’t matter

Who’s been here the longest 

Kita bukan orang original disini

From the river

Up the hill Through the avenue

In Toxteth On Jermyn Street

There is a house


A home away from home

For those who came to stay

For those just passing through

Atok arrived as a sailor

So did his friend 

And his friend’s friend 

Bodies at sea

Rest in peace

Auntie, uncle, kakak, abang and you too sayang

First class ticket

First class certificate

Money for knowledge

Skills for service

Third culture kid in the land of the conqueror

Living in between more than two worlds

In this city called Liverpool

This existence is no limbo

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