Our next theme for ROOT-ed is... FOOD!                          🥥🥙🍱🍲🍗🌶️


As people of colour, food shapes our cultures entirely, and is incredibly important to our belief systems and everyday navigation of being in the UK, especially in the North West.


We want to hear from you! Have a food business? Tell us your inspirations, your origin story, and your hopes and dreams. Got artwork, poetry or articles about food and experiences? Submit it! Do you make amazing makeup designs, photographs or videos that incorporate food in some way? What's YOUR relationship with food?


Guide for Submissions:


We only accept submissions from creatives of colour* who are based or are from the North West of England. *Creatives of colour includes people of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Indigenous and Mixed heritage.


Send your submissions to and include the following:


1. A high-quality image/ video of your artwork/performance/ poetry etc…

2. Your name, location, ethnicity and artist statement,

3. Your social media handles and/or website,

4. Title of submission and approx 200 words about your submission (if necessary). e.g materials used, date created, context…,

5. Each submission must also have a completed Equal Opportunity Form which can be downloaded HERE .