We currently do not have any submissions open for our upcoming zine!


However - if you would like your artwork or article to be published on our website, please still email us and we can publish it for you. We will prioritise submissions from the NW and will only accept submissions from PoC.


We only accept submissions from creatives of colour* who are based or are from the North West of England. *Creatives of colour includes people of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Indigenous and Mixed heritage.


Send your submissions to submissions@rootedzine.co.uk and include the following:


1. A high-quality image/ video of your artwork/performance/ poetry etc…

2. Your name, location, ethnicity and artist statement,

3. Your social media handles and/or website,

4. Title of submission and approx 200 words about your submission (if necessary). e.g materials used, date created, context…,

5. Each submission must also have a completed Equal Opportunity Form which can be downloaded HERE . 

Submissions for the zine are currently closed!

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