Amber Akaunu 08/07/2018


Here is a little cringey story that I just want to write about, because it’s so stupid and it also angers me a bit and I think it may be funny for people to read but also quite eye-opening (or maybe it won’t idk).


So one glorious summers day, me and my friend were waiting outside the echo arena as one direction were playing there (my friend had an unhealthy obsession with One Direction during this time of her life and I was just there for the sake of doing something). Anyways, we see some wannabe boyband going around to people introducing themselves. They’re really bubbly and are telling everyone that they are a pop rock band and they’re high fiving everyone etc. My friend is into that type of stuff and so she is like "oh they look kinda cool". They finally make their way over to us (the only Black people there- can you guess what’s going to happen next?). Instead of the bubbly attitude and cheesy high five, they start trying to act all cool and are like "yo wassup". They fist bump us and tell us they are a rap or hip-hop group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have never cringed so much in my whole entire life. It was so embarrassing. Why? Do they have no shame? Me and my friend just looked at each other in embarrassment and shock.


This encounter reinforced the fact that people will treat you differently based on your skin colour. Although this wasn’t exactly a bad incident it was definitely an uncomfortable one. Oyinbo people do this all the time to Black people. They think it’s funny but being a non-white person in a white country can make one feel like they do not fully belong and so when situations like this happen it just adds to that feeling even more.