Seleena Laverne Daye

Seleena Laverne Daye is a Manchester based textile artist and workshop facilitator.

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Her work features themes of race, class, gender, sexuality and pop culture, using traditional crafts such as embroidery, cross stitch and applique.

Seleena also is part of over here zine fest, a space that showcases and celebrates DIY culture by people of colour as well as Poor Lass Zine and Brown Girl Zine.


  • -  Happy Alone

  • -  Broken And Lonely

  • -  Frigid Frightening Fussy

  • -  I Think I’m In Friend Love With You

The textile pieces document the highs and lows of being an asexual person.

Misconceptions, presumptions and self-loathing, feeling broken, but also full of love.

Quite often not being accepted as a queer identity, and taking up space as a QTIPOC.

Website: Instagram: @seleenalavernedaye