Getting Ready For Work

Salihah Dudha

Due to the theme and my current work situation it got me thinking about the ASMR like sounds that tend to surround us whilst we work. So this small video is me setting up for a general day of work tackling a new challenge. Though I eventually turn to putting my Spotify on I like to spend my time setting up in complete silence. Just appreciating all the small sounds that make working from home quite relaxing. Even if the workload can be overwhelming from time to time!

I'm currently working on rigging a character for the annimation, but through trial and error I keep finding missing parts that could do with more drawing for a sufficient character rig. Due to the artist design I've been working with my brush pens and fine liners then using illustrator to make vectors of these individual drawings. Then I eventually go in After Effects where I work on putting the character together.


IG Handle - dudhadesign

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