For Issue 9 of ROOT-ed Zine we’ve decided to focus on three topics that individually are important, but can also link together. These three topics are: mental health; LGBTQIA+ and Black history. We chose these as they are often topics within ethnic minority communities that are overlooked and disregarded. So, we’re dedicating this issue in order to raise awareness.


We have dynamic content from creatives from across the North-West with unique perspectives. You can expect to find personal essays on LGBTQIA+ experiences, to poetry celebrating Black beauty to artwork visualising mental health  there is something in here for everyone. We hope that this issue is informative and everyone reading gets to learn about the perspective of diverse people.


All the people that have contributed to this issue have opened themselves up to write or create work on such personal topics. We find this really brave and inspiring so we appreciate each of you and value the time and effort spent on your submission. We also hope that writing on such personal has been therapeutic, as personally, we’ve always found writing and creating art as a way to process and understand our mental state.




P.S. This is our biggest issue yet, and it's still perfect bound! :) 


If any issues arise do not hesitate to conact us at so we can solve them swiftly.

ROOT-ed Zine Issue 9 October 2019 - Physical Copy