We've got some cute stickers for you to enjoy! (With freeee shipping!)


Our morale as an org has always been to Represent the Underrepresented, and therefore we decided to imprint these on cute stickers! Find pleasure in activism with these cute additions to you phone case, journal, water bottle or laptop! Perfect for decorating or as a gift.



  • 4cm in diameter, glossy, full colour round stickers,
  • x4 different designs on one sticker sheet,
  • Medium tack hold,
  • Cute af.


The stickers, are:


- BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER - to pay homage to our QTIPoC issue and stand up for PoC trans lives 

- ROOT-ed Zine logo - fun book design with PoC on the front!

- REPRESENT THE UNDERREPRESENTED - Our slogan on a funky sticker design showcasing all that added melanin! 

- REVOLUTION OF OUR TIME - a fitting statement for the moves we make as activists (and it's the 'ROOT' part of ROOT-ed!)


There's limited stock, so grab your hands on a pack before Christmas! 




Shipping included in the price! 

ROOT-ed Stickers

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