Oscar Hou

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My main art form is painting, but I also produce music and photography.


All humans are politically, emotionally, historically, and socially charged, and since art is the manifestation of humanity, all art is thus charged in those ways. The mere state of being a queer person of colour is politicised, so it makes sense that my work would be too. My work deals with the issue of realistic and diverse representations of underrepresented minorities in art.


Besides from that, I focus on things like global warming, the rise of the far-right, and inequalities stemming from race, or gender, or sexuality, and so forth. I think from my work Van Gogh is very visible — I studied him a lot when I was younger — but my work is more inspired (beyond style) by Francis Bacon, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lucien Freud, but also artists from other mediums such as Frank Ocean or Ryan McGinley. I started to become more interested in art when my mother discouraged me from pursuing it because there were “no Chinese faces” in art, aside from a very few, Irealised that the context of my work (and me) is actually very important and not just selfishness or detachment.


In terms of actually making art, it’s something I’ve always done — I can’t think of a specific time I became “engaged”.

Instagram: @oscyhou

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