Opeyemi Matthew Olukotun

Size: 24 X 36inches. Medium: Acrylic on canvas Year: 2018.

The habit of being persistent and making hard-working effort in your work or duties may be a painful activity. However, undergoing a significant change brings you impressive achievements eventually. Not only does it cause you to achieve your goals, but it also makes a favourable impression on others. In this way, the activity which was thought to be painful turns out to be fruitful.

Diligence is needed in all spheres of life as it is one of the key ingredients for success. Those who use the sheer power of diligence, succeed in their goals surely. If you are a student, you can make yourself successful in your studies on the basis of your diligence. If you are an employee, diligence causes you to be regarded as an asset to your organisation and leading you toward excellence eventually. Making a good career or career move or craving for career development requires one hundred percent commitment and in order to stay committed you must be diligent.

Stay diligent in all you do!!

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