We are Nutribe, a universal music group channelling our culture and

exploring 'genre-less' sounds from a hip-hop perspective. We create in a

place where music and movement meet, improvisation and feeling the

flow is a vital part of our process when building music/performance. We

are a deeply connected group and have been growing together for a

very long time. This has given us a shared energy which, when directed

inwards, enables us to create a field of inspiration allowing us to reflect

inspiration between ourselves and 'bounce' off each other when playing

with ideas. This process of gathering inspiration internally has given us

great knowledge of self and a clear idea of what our style is. When

growing up, our parents exposed us to a range of different music such as

Fela Kuti, James brown, Erykah Badu, Burning Spear, D'angelo,

Parliament etc. This sparked interest from a young age in making music

to spread a positive message and uplift people. We live as a tribe, always

stepping with love and protecting each other’s energy in a unique way

we have grown into organically, this results in us feeling a way which we

call 'bliss n niceness.' Through our music we intend to spread this feeling

to the world and be a light for anyone feeling in the dark.

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Photographer : @morprime