Marie and Gautlier interpreted our Work theme by expressing how they feel Work has no end- a constant, repetitive, game. 

Dancer: Marie-Astrid @marie_astrid_mence

Musician: Gaultier @czarfro

Here’s a statement from them about their video, Nou Ka Dansé:

“It’s like starting a video game with no bonus, no power to help me sucees and overcome the obstacles that might occur. The beat is quick, and a bit all over the place, like the voice in my head, the fatigue in my body. I go through my day: transportations, phone calls, discussion, office work...

This is when I start bugging, l realise that something is wrong in my routine and I feel unsettled. I try to contain myself by just ignoring the issues of getting stuck in a loop. After so many 'signals','red flags' I am fully conscious of the spiral that I am into, I finally emerge and open my eyes for the first time, it's already too late! I realise that society wants me to be efficient, pretty, civilised, polite, cool, however not too efficient, not too confident, not awake at all.

I am definitely burning out in silence and cannot handle this pattern anymore.

I feel hopeless as I slowly see my condition because I have no power with no knowledge to change the narrative.

I am stuck, trying to ask for help, I was not raised to ask for help.. I finally point at the problem, and see a potential exit.

But the pattern, the narrative, the education are too powerful to fight against. So I'm back in my loop more stuck than ever.”

Instagram: @nouteka_