Neryhs Wo

It's like we are all here just waiting for the end of the world  (2020)


Neryhs Wo was born and raised in Hong Kong and continued her studies in Fine Art in the UK. She completed the foundation diploma studies in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins in 2017 and received a BA in Fine Art with first class honours from Chelsea College of Arts in 2020.


Neryhs Wo sees her art practice as a therapy for herself. She believes the process of art practicing is a private appointment for one to take time to understand their mind deeper and better.

Neryhs tells stories through her work where they provide an intimate yet somehow lonely atmosphere between the stories and the audience. Her work explores the contradiction of hoping to be found and understood but doubting the existence of total understanding between minds. She expresses her struggles with colourful and fairytale-like series of illustrations and poetic writings.

The inspiration for her works comes from little moments of her daily life; the arrangement of goods in convenience stores, the silence in a garden, or a hidden wooden door at the end of an alley. The often-bizarre dreams she made are also essential resources for new ideas. Neryhs searches for fanciful moments and uses them as the raw material for work, which she finds her concept of art practicing and the style of sourcing ideas relatable to artists such as Hayao Miyazaki, Anne Carson, and Sarah Kay.


Wave (2020)


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$9.99 for a Space trip (2020)