Naami Soya

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Naami Soya is a poet, model and artist based in Liverpool. These two poems accompanying some photographs in a collaborative series with photographer Robert Whelan (@rwhelanphoto) in early 2018.


Naami, (@naamijsoya) has also been a long-time contributor to ROOT-ed Zine.

Naami describes why this project means so much to her-

"This project for me was a transition. My first two years in the UK were some of the most difficult years of my life. 2017 being just one of the years when I wasn't so sure that I would even make it through at times. There was a defining moment where I managed to change my perspective, after spending months in the pits. It was then that I realised that it was my art that saved me.

This photoshoot was my rebirth, from darkness to light."

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Poem 1:

Drowning in chemicals and tears

I'll try anything to escape from my fears

Further down this dark road I go

Will I come out alive? Nobody knows.

Poem 2:

Emerging from beneath the water Clean, untouched
My sins washed away
Bathed in purity

The shame was buried deep in me You made me hate myself!
But Love
Love lives on in me

Oh sweet clarity!
I can finally see
I get to become who I was always meant to be Yet, it's not about the destination
But, the journey you see
I am free.