Writing on the Wall Commissions:

Annie Kamara 


My Best Friend


My best friend ?

Is good to have a best friend .

I am asking  myself for so long  since my childhood .

- Who is my best friend?

- Did I have a best friend ?

- Can I have a  best friend ?

- how I will know is the real and the good  one?

-How and where  I can find my best friend ?

- How I will know the one chosen is my best friend ?

All my friends have best friend .

What about me .

I would like to have one me too.

I really like to have one, but I don't know how and what I can do .

- Did I have a best friend ? 

 Let me think? ........

Those were my questions but not my worries because I have got  a lot of friends ,

I never bother and it's was not the obligation to have the best friend but I will liking to have one .

Since I didn't found who is my best friend , I am enjoying my friends .

We are helping each other.

Each friend get is own character and I like it  in this way .

The mixture of all the characters make me happy and sweet to have them .


When I am crying there crying with me 

When I am homeless they are finding the place for me to sleep 

When I am laughing they are laughing with me 

When I am hungry they giving me food

When I am dancing they are dancing with me .

When I am sick they are visiting me .

We are joying , crying , dancing working and  doing a lot of activities  together .

Every time when I am going out I am making a new friends 

In the difficult moments , situation we always be together and caring one another .

In the enjoyment moment we always  come together .

- How can I choose one of  them? 

The friends of my friend are my friends 

My friends are my friends' friends'.

Together we are family .

These are my family .

Together we are happy .

Together we are family .

 How can I choose my best friend ?

 I haven't got my best friend but l have my best friends .