Music I am listening to

Amber Akaunu 25/06/2018


Beyoncé & Jay Z - Summer

Two days after this song came out I knew all the lyrics, harmonies, EVERYTHING! The song gives me Bonnie and Clyde vibes for someone reason. It just feels like such a timeless song. Also the low notes Beyoncé hits throughout the song are so beautiful and impressive. 

Frank Ocean - Pink + White

I only discovered this song a few months ago and I can’t believe I have been living life without it. It’s so beautiful! The song was produced by Pharrell and features vocals by Beyoncé. I also read that Tyler the creator helped to write it too. The thing I love about the song is that it is very visual. When I first heard it I could literally see the song. The song opens with the lyric “that’s the way every day goes every time we have no control. If the sky is pink and white if the ground is black and yellow”. Can you not just see that? Frank Ocean if you want me to make the music video for this song email me ;).

Also, the song gives me Etta James vibes at the start. 

A Tribe called Quest - Jazz (We’ve got)

This song is just chill. I don’t know. It’s got a nice pace to it and makes me just want to go on a walk. If you have not seen the music video please go and watch it. It is so fun.

Amy Winehouse - Wake Up Alone

The reason why this song will forever be one of my favourites is not just Amy’s insane voice but the lyrics. I could listen to the chorus of the sing for eternity. It’s very visual as she references water a lot in the song.

“He's fierce in my dreams,

Seizing my guts,

He floatsme with dread,

Soakedin soul,

He swims in my eyes by the bed,

Pour myself over him,

Moon spilling in,

And I wake up alone.”


She is just a lyrical genius and we also have the same birthday!