Mike Egbe

I'm Mike Egbe, born in Nigeria but living between the United States and the UK. Over the years I have used this opportunity to build perspective and understanding of the world. Meeting new people and experiencing their culture in other to understand them and share in their strives. I believe that this is over the years has been crucial in my writing and music and in my personal life. 

Who is your biggest inspiration for your art?

My biggest inspiration.. We'll I pulled inspiration from a lot of people in different aspects of my art but with writing, it has always just been an extention of my emotions.


Is your art politically, emotionally, spiritually, historically, or socially charged?

My work tends to deal with political, historical and Social/cultural issues. I believe that in this world we live in, we should always strive for a discourse of ideas and not force our ideologies on others.

When did you start becoming engaged with your art practice?


With Music, I started as a kid at the age of 5 but with my writing, only began to be part of my life at the age of 14 which was right around the time I started to travel and experience the culture of others and understanding the world around me without the bubble of innocence that my parents shrouded my life in. 

What are your main art forms? 

Music (Pianist, singer, guitar player and a bit of a drummer) Writer( Poetry and short stories) 

What issues do you generally want to combat now, and in the future, regarding the society you are in/others are in around the world?


I would like to combat the consequences of constant oppression of ethnic minorities in our society. Years of oppression and being told that we're not good enough has driven a lot of ethnic minorities to stereotypical criminal and anti social behaviours and when the government and education system does nothing to combat such things,  it continues to be reinforced. I would like my work to make an impact on young minds,  to get them to see that the colour of their skin should not be hindrance to their success nor an excuse. 

How do you think ethnic minorities within the North West can be supported, recognised, and represented more within the creative communities?

I think more opportunities and a platform like ROOT-ed Zine can be a huge part to building a stronger voice for ethnic minorities.