MC Nelson

By The River

By the riverbank
Where they’d call me nigger lad
But they’d zip their trap
Hen id visit back
With a cricket back
Listen out for savages and silverbacks

Floating like a cloud
They remind me of the river they were foaming at the mouth
How peculiar
Its water whether from a reservoir or from a sewer
A truer drop has dripped
I know the Merseys dirty but I’m thirsty n I’m hurting and I heard that it could cleanse our sins

And quench our lips
We’d clench our fists
Then mother nature gave us wetness when her legs parted
she used to Pick his bones
Skipping stones
Really dove head over hells
She would simply Dip you toes
Didn’t know
We’re metaphysical
Go with the flow
Even though
The river glows

So what you swimming for Against the current
Baring the brunt of the burden
It twists and turns like a serpent
I wish a flood would submerge us And wash away all the vermin Wed re-emerge again
Purer than the blood of a virgin

time is a river
it unwinds an delivers
us to our destination
as the days tick on the flow hastens don’t get swept away kid

time is a teacher
the only reason I no longer scream fire in the theatre

and for all inflicted burns like incense from a million urns time Is a healer time is a river
time is a river
By the estuary

Where they drained my energy
Till a fell asleep
Woke up tween the devil and the seven seas Head to feet
Covered in centipedes
Id Cry sweat and bleed
Just to dive in the stream
Every single blue drops
An individual
But when it hits the river you
Can’t tell they're different trueeeeeeee

You should dip in the river in Liverpool scuba through view

the bodies slaves and Charles Wooton too I’ll tell the truth to you
You think we’re all okay
we re in an oxbow lake

Doing loop the loop
Swimming in circles
Listen it isn’t personal
Once you sip from the river you'll be with us eternally

MC Nelson appeared in Issue 4: Arrival City and wrote two poems, one titles By The River, and another called Names.

Described as a divine, universal black man creating - MC Nelson embodies spirit and passion through his emotive lyrics and poetry.

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Stepmother, deals with themes of colonialism, racism, and identity in modern Britain by exploring the concept of the motherland. While Africa is considered the motherland for the African diaspora Nelson recently learnt while speaking to his grandad who grew up in Nigeria whilst it was a colony that they were taught in school that England was, in fact, the motherland for natives across the colonies, however upon emigrating to England they did not receive the warm embrace of a mother. As well as exploring this in the song, the launch party also featured a short video explaining the inspiration behind the song.

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