Ivy Kalungi

Ivy is an artist based in Liverpool who is currently exploring contemporary traces of memory to address the theme of collective recollection, inspired by family culture through new media , installation , film and sculpture ; she create works commonly based around fragmented narratives exploring past and present. She loves combining materials and exploring  the boundaries between soft and hard sculpture.

What are your main art forms? 

I tend to work with sculpture and video in order to explore ideas around space, form and pattern. My immersive installations incorporate video, projection and film.

Who is your biggest inspiration for your art form?

How I find my creative inspiration.  Every day I walk, I often go on a wander. I often go to a place in my own head where I can manipulate the object standing right inform of me. I find myself more and more drawn to the urban life, I am surrounded by.  I often tune out for a couple of minutes just to spend time with my own thoughts in order to fuel the creative juices


Is your art form politically, emotionally, historically, or socially charged?

I creative artworks which are repeatedly initiated by a personal encounter with an environment or object which then leads to a visual editing of formal elements of the space. Currently I am trying to look for the conceptions between shapes and forms as well as combining soft and hard sculptures.


When did you start becoming engaged with your art practice?

I have always been engaged with art my entire life, from a young age my mum signed me up with the crescent arts project where I took part in performing arts. Although I had a passion for singing and performing, I was drawn to making artwork. I would stay late in the technology department ad experiment, even though I had no idea about how to use the equipment. I continually strived to think of form, I would mentally visualise the object’s weight, volume and space. I found that I was doing this with everything (I found interesting to me) I encountered. It wasn’t until much later that I started to make sculptures. When speaking about the subject, people usually get put off when you mention the word passion. However that is something I felt, I was infatuated by objects and thinking of what I could do with them. I would dismantle things, burn things and tare objects apart; there was a point where my mother was sick of me. I think I  have always been engaged with my art practice , I think as I get older I become more aware of what interests , drives and inspires me to make the art that I do .