ROOT-ed Zine Issue 8 - Music and Moving Image

July 2019

Hey everyone! So, a bit of change for us. We've decided to have our eighth issue as a digital web page because firstly, we've just done an extras issue of ROOT-ed with FACT for their amazing project called Arrival City which was lead by Niloo Sharifi. This took so much time and so to give ourselves less work we thought we'll do this issue as a web page - It takes a lot less time. Secondly, it is a lot cheaper to do a digital web page version of the zine and right now we are exploring ways that we can continue to do ROOT-ed as money is definitely a hurdle we often face. 

So, why music and moving image? why not! the two themes are quite different but also compliment each other very well as songs are usually accompanied by music videos and films are usually complimented by songs and background music. The history of both music and moving image in regards to people of colour is also something that needs to be explored and talked about more. Cultural appropriation in pop music, white singers black fishing, as well as the issue of whitewashing storylines in films and casting white actors to portray PoC characters are all serious issues that we want to dissect in ROOT-ed Zine.

We really hope you enjoy this issue and the new format. If you have any questions for us or would like to be in our next zine (which comes out in October and will be on LGBTQIA+, mental health and Black History) please contact us!

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