ROOT-ed Zine Food Issue 

As people of colour, food shapes our cultures entirely, and is incredibly important to our belief systems and everyday navigation of being in the UK, especially when residing in the North.


We've received an amazing amount of talent-filled submissions of recipes, poetry, stories, sculpture, painting and illustration all to do with Food. This zine is full of fantastic content which is available to view on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Included is also a complimentary ROOT-ed sticker from us! Use this fantastic print for your home or office. 

With thanks to Kohenoor Kamal, an illustrator  and designer based in the North West for designing this beautiful print for ROOT-ed. Follow Kohenoor for her work here: @kohenoor_kamal + check out her portfolio:

PS The link might not work on mobiles, but give it a try! To view it on a laptop, just copy and paste the link/this website url and access it via that. Please do not share the link to other people.

Rooted Final Artwork without logo .jpg