Ilesha Taylor

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Textile and ceramic-based designer based in Liverpool, UK

My design work is greatly influenced by all aspects of nature. One of my projects aimed to celebrate the work that bees do to help grow our crops, and we should be aware that there has been a large decline in the population of bees. I wanted this project to inform that we can do things to help the lives of bees.

I love the simplicity of both Rebecca Killen and Katherine Lees’ ceramic work. The forms and colours are beautiful in both of their functional items, which is what I aim for in my own work.

Within my second year of studying design at degree level, I noticed where I wanted my practice to go. We spend a large amount of our time in the comfort of our own homes, and being a home bird myself I aim to create functional homeware items that engage the senses touch and sight. I want my work to be visually and physically intriguing.


I specialise in ceramics and textiles. Within my ceramic practice, I follow the process of slip casting. Although creating the same item repeatedly with slip casting it is still a hands-on process. My textile practice involves the use of my own photographs which I edit to refine and use to screen print onto fabrics. I enjoy the processes of making in both areas equally, creating handmade items have a unique and heartfelt quality that I love to own and make for others to enjoy as much as I do.


The world is both beautiful and ugly. Racism, terrorism, bullying, poverty, body shaming, gender equality, sexual abuse, environmental pollution and violence are just a few to name. Racism, although there has been a great decline in the amount of racial abuse in the UK it is still an issue. People are still waiting to receive appreciation due to the colour of their skin, the shape of their face and even the texture of their hair.

Instagram: @ilesharhkaidesign


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