Fowsia Cansuur


Fowsia is a young second-generation Muslim immigrant poet. Her poetry consists of a unique combination of her and her mother’s experiences on life. She creates a genuine, sincere and uncomfortably realistic picture of life which deeply connects to readers and audiences she performance too. The poem she is performing below is called Growth. The meaning of her poem is life, Experience, struggle and strength. Growing through it all and figuring out your own happy ending. Created in October and performed on the 1st of December. 

During my final year at university myself, and classmate Fauziya Johnson, started ROOT-ed Zine, which is an independent bi-monthly magazine and social platform that aims to promote, support and inspire creatives of colour within the North West of England. We started the zine after noticing a lack of representation within the arts world of North West creatives of colour.


Who is your biggest inspiration for your art form?


Maya Angelou because with all her struggles and her long time of silence, she truly fought for the other side of life and used her words to save lives.


Is your art form politically, emotionally, historically, or socially charged?

My art is a bit of all of it. I use my raw emotion to speak on very uncomfortable topics that are culturally taboo. It may upset the older generation but help the younger generation. With today's political status in the world and being a young, black,  Muslim female I've written poems with politic references including raw emotion and experiences from childhood to adulthood. 

When did you start becoming engaged withyour art practice?

I started writing around 11 when I moved to England. I moved a lot as a young child/teen. I've seen things I probably shouldn't have seen. I would suppress my feelings and would write fictional characters about my experiences to let out how I felt. As I got older I started reading certain poetry books like Maya Angelou 'phenomenal woman' and got inspired to write my own poems about my own story. 


What are your main art forms?

My main art form is poetry.

What issues do you generally want to combat now, and in the future, regarding the society you are in/others are in around the world?

The issues I would generally like to combat are struggles with young people born or raised in western countries and their lack of relationships or communication with their parents with a cultural mind but also a certain mentality where their past affects their future. Also self-identity as an ethnic minority in a white society and sexual abuse being taboo to speak on within certain communities.

How do you think ethnic minorities within the North West can be supported, recognised, and represented more within the creative communities?

I think by creating a creative community with representations of people that look like them will bring them in. By having a community, they will be a support system to help them rise as they wish as well as open doors for them to share their creativity in public with confidence. Although there might be other ways I truly believe at the core having somewhere you feel like you don't stand out just by the tone of your skin but appreciated for your work will go a very long way.