Fawziyah Raja

Textile artist based in the North West

Instagram: @fr_surfacepattern_textiles_

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I like to think my work generates conversation as I target social stereotypes, regarding mental health and illness; through the concepts of tactile and textile therapy. I have been very head strong about art and my career goal, from a very young age, being something creative; I shaped my education to fit my artistic ability. One of my inspirations is Halima Cassell, a ceramic artist, as she creates carved geometric shapes and patterns into stone. I am inspired by her also as she is from an ethnic minority background and becoming successful in the creative sector. I was first introduced to her work when she came to give a lecture in my first year of university.

My aim in society’s context is to craete more of an awareness for people living with dementia, alzheimers and mental health, through new means of sensory stimulus in the natural environment to act as tactile therapy. I want to reduce the stigma that surrounds this growing matter.

My aim is also to show it is ok to follow a creative journey and career for someone from an ethnic minority background. I think more people are taking part in the arts. However, there is stigma related to creativity as just being a hobby. If it is shown that it can be used in other sectors, such as health, commercial, therapy etc. It may allow a new mindset within the different cultures and backgrounds.

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