The Gift

Elliss Thompson

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Elliss Eyo-Thompson is a motivational speaker, model, activist poet and author. This reflection on Beyoncé's new album, The Gift is from an astrological perspective, with regards to today's view of Black identity, the music industry, and individual acceptance of ones self as a person of colour.

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What ever the project is through Beyoncé’s creativity is always authentically beautiful. Beyoncé’s midheaven (which is a astrological point like a star sign) is Cancer, and you really see this through the work she shares. Our midheaven relates to our purpose, what we stand for in public. When one has a midheaven in Cancer it’s said that one acts with purpose as an expression from the heart; therefore a projection of authentic love. This is because Cancer is related to the body part of the breast and also known as the mothering, nurturing and self-care sign. Her latest album for lion king The Gift aligns with this as she referred to it as ‘A Love letter to Africa.’ 


The songs that make up this album feature many Black artists; Wizkid, Burna Boy, Childish Gambino and many more. You can see Beyoncé pays credit where it’s due. Rather than doing an album solely by herself (which still would have had a world-stop affect) she would rather include multiple artists from the Black collective to produce a true representation of our culture and art. 

"The Gift is once again and album for Black people to connect with the power within them and above them. Reminding us that our brown skin and nappy curls are beautiful."

Furthermore, our hearts know unity and collectivity. Beyoncé is never shy to express this in her work. The Gift is once again an album for Black people to connect with the power within them and above them. Reminding us that our brown skin and nappy curls are beautiful. That we’re shining already just by being ourselves, and our existence and creativity is part of a bigger picture.