Donna Coleman

Artist, specialising in drawing who's based in Leeds

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Donna Coleman’s practice is driven by a fascination in the human condition in its most fragile state. She uses distortion and abstraction to disrupt normal figurative or portraiture, to reveal the hidden self.

Her practice is very focused on drawing. She experiments with materials that don’t usually come together, such as felt tip pens and scotch tape, or biro pens with oil stick on paper.

Donna feels that using a limited palette shows both the intensity of emotions depicted and the drawing techniques effectively.

Chaotic Mind, is an expressionist drawing depicting the overwhelming feeling of having too thoughts going through the mind. There is a loss of concentration and being able to make decisions. All this can be very distressing.

Donna’s work has been selected to be our front-cover of of ROOT-ed Zine's Issue 9.

Instagram: @donnagcoleman

Twitter: @donnaclm

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Chaotic Mind (2018)

Graphite and Posca pen on paper.