ROOT-ed Zine relies heavily on donations and purchases. Every issue is funded by the profit made from the previous issue as well as financial contributions and funding from individuals and organisations. We use the profits and funding on a range of things such as paying proof readers to read over the zine before printing, commissioning artists to create specific pieces exclusively for ROOT-ed Zine to the printing of the zine. As each issue comes around, ROOT-ed Zine aims to create better and higher quality content with a wider range of artists. Our aim is to be able to pay these artists what they are worth and to give those we are underrepresented paid commissioned work that they may not otherwise receive. We really want to create noise in the North West and want artists of colour to no longer be overlooked, undermined or overshadowed. 

If you are in a position to donate to ROOT-ed Zine, please click on the button below which will direct you to our GoFundMe page. If you are not, please help us by spreading the word. Let your friends, family, colleagues know about ROOT-ed Zine.