De'Anne Crooks

Birmingham based artist, De’Anne Crooks (b.1990), prides herself on being an intersectional advocate for the visual arts. Much of De’Anne’s practice considers the collaborative and collective experiences of others. Engaging their practice as a form of activism rather than a teacher of art, De’Anne’s relationship with pedagogy and contemporary art has cultivated a sense of play with political, moral and emotional themes.


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Reparations (01)

Reparations (01) is part of a series of painted portraits using oil paint painted onto canvas. All canvases are primed and are 24”x 36” in size. Reparations (01) was created over the span of 2 months and completed in August 2018. These portraits are a representation of faces not promoted and celebrated but faces that should be, these paintings are my attempt at providing reparations.