All you need is joy

Written by Anthony O'Leary

I thought this would be a great title for a song

Joy all you need is joy, joy, joy all your really need!!

 I think someone already did something along these lines.

Joy can be found in the smallest moments in life, the wave from a  child with their Mum pushing the pushchair along the street in return to a wave from your self as they pass by.

I do see the joy in the eyes of lots of people enjoying the most simple times in life.

A smile of a ‘thank you’ when you simply allow a person to go ahead of you in queue

To pick up something for someone who has just dropped it

Smiles mean joys

Joy is simple

It does not need a Lottery win 

A simple phoned ‘hello, how are you doing’ from an old friend

A simple postcard from a grandchild at Uni in Yorkshire

A simple kiss on your cheek from the one you love.

One can find the most joy in another person’s joy

It is everywhere

If you are looking hard enough

When you wake each morning,  decide today is going to be a good day, come what may. not always works, but at least, just give it a try.

We had a new grandson born on Boxing day at 1 am

My son and his partner had lost a son in childbirth a little more than one year before.

They had spent time at the Hospital in the dying days and arranged a proper funeral for Max Bella,  the name their son Reuben and daughter Niamh chose for him.

My son told us, “do not cry” at the funeral, they had had the joy of being with Max Bella when he had passed away.     

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