C.K. Adams

Filmed and edited by C.K. Adams. music by www.bensound.com 

[earthly melodies, cosmic messages]


mountains all calling to me and i can hear them over the noise of 

the old industrial empires of the north that still bombard my ears


not even the echoes of familiarity can deter my direction forward

to a realm i’ve affiliated with as long as i can remember

i know myself more than ever before

and the voices of the high altitudes

low riverbanks, green fields

and yellow rock are as tempting as they’ve ever been


they spark in earthly melodies but carry cosmic messages

i’m choosing to listen

with full attention


a state of continued disbelief

paired with eagerness is evoked in reflection

the sweet, fresh air and hemlock trees of bohemia were my true friends

for a long time

i asked


and rejoiced in their company

they brought me all i needed

i returned the gesture with scripture and simply being… being

there’s nothing more that i can do

other than be

other than take another step and listen to the ancients

for guidance

my bohemian revolution has come to full speed

and i’m on the ride

with unreserved temperament.

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