Bibi Agu

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Mixed race artist from Leeds, who is currently based in Liverpool.

Bibi’s artwork references her own identity and experience as a mixed race woman of colour within society; and analyses how those experiences differ online and offline. Bibi is interested in analysing how safer spaces work in real life and virtually and is concerned with the ideas of ownership and reclaiming art spaces. Through video, performance and text work, she uses her artwork to understand her own childhood and highlights those experiences through embodying and exploring the safer spaces she creates. Bibi is also a co-director of boy.cott, a feminist art collective which was created at university due to a lack of inclusive feminist discussion on the course. It comprises of herself and three other Liverpool based wxmen artists. boy.cott aims to dismantle traditionalism and hierarchies within art, society, and language and offers insightful intersectional discourse on social politics via their instagram account: @boy.cott_. Through zine making, boy.cott also acts as a community platform and safe space for LGBTQ+ and/or artists of colour who have political practices based in the U.K. check out boy.cott’s most recent zine on

Instagram: @not.ur.grl

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