How to Make an Artist Invoice?

By Fauziya Johnson @ ROOT-ed Zine

We asked and y'all said yassss,  you want to know how to make an invoice.


Well, hopefully the advice below will help you out. Making an invoice is one of the most basic but important parts of being a freelancer of any sort - especially in the creative industry. Whether you're a musician getting a few online gigs, an artist making work for a gallery, or a stylist who works with different clients all the time - this should help you out a lil bit.

Please find a download link below. In the download link, you should have:

- PDF version of invoicing advice (to the right) 

- A Word template to start your own invoice

- A PDF template from Canva


P.S This download link won't work if you're on a mobile phone!!!

Once you get the hang of it, we recommend you making your invoices to match your artistic style - it makes things a lot more fun :)


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Image above is the first page on our lil starter pack!