Amber Akaunu

Amber Oghene-Efe Akaunu is a 23 yr old Nigerian-German filmmaker, photographer and illustrator born and raised in Liverpool, UK.


Amber graduated from Liverpool Hope University in 2018 with a first class degree in Fine Art. Her work predominantly uses film and photography to dissect the relationship between race and identity, while living in a Eurocentric society; using music as a playful gateway to explore this. Amber aims to create imagery that disregards the harmful stereotypes society has formed against Black men and women. Amber's work draws inspiration from Hip Hop (in regards to its lyrics, history and legacy), as well as the work of Arthur Jafa, FKA Twigs and Jenn Nkiru. 

Amber has professional photography and film experience and has worked with the likes of Warner Music, Tate and iWoman. She also recently had her debut solo exhibition at OUTPUT Gallery


During her final year at university, Amber and classmate Fauziya Johnson, co-founded ROOT-ed Zine - an independent, quarterly magazine and social platform that aims to promote, support and inspire creatives of colour within the North West of England. 


As co-founder of ROOT-ed Zine, Amber has given talks, lead workshops and curated exhibitions with arts organisations such as FACT, Tate LiverpoolLight Night and The International Slavery Museum. 

Amber is also part of the Black Liver Birds Podcast  - a collective of four Black women from Liverpool that come together every month to discuss the ups and downs of being a Black women up North.


Is your art form politically, emotionally, historically, or socially charged?


Yes, I would say it is all four. I create art in order to communicate the struggles that Black people go through and that is charged from my own experiences and the experiences of friends and family as well as events in history and in todays society.


When did you start becoming engaged withyour art practice?


Since I was really young I have always gravitated to art as a form of communication and as a release of anxiety or anger.


What are your main art forms?


I would describe myself as a video and photography artist but also love to draw, paint, print and make collages.


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