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 ROOT-ed (Revolution Of Our Time) is a self-published zine and social platform, that aims to promote, support, represent and inspire creative people of colour within the North West of England. The zine was founded by artists Amber Akaunu and Fauziya Johnson during their final year at university in which they both studied Fine Art. They both saw a lack of PoC representation in university, media, galleries and museums and felt the need to create this platform to represent the underrepresented by allowing creatives to showcase their talents and skills and voice their thoughts and ideas. ROOT-ed Zine is published quarterly (January, April, July and October), however, expect current and important content throughout our social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and here on our website.


The zine was initially funded by members of the public who attended our fundraiser at Unity Theatre in February 2018 and by those who donated to our GoFundMe page. Since then, the sales from each issue has successfully been able to fund the next issue (with the help of the random funding opportunities too).


ROOT-ed Zine has gone on to host several very successful community events, both private and public to children to corporate executives wanting to know more about how to support creatives of colour in the North West. Find out more in the contact tab.

You can buy ROOT-ed Zine from the following places*:

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